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Transactional SMS

  • Transactional SMS is used for sending information such as News, Events, OTP’s, Transaction Details and many more things.
  • It is mainly used by companies to notify their customers about latest news and notifications.
  • Transactional SMS can be sent 24 x 7 from your sender account. You can operate at your will.
  • You can send Transactional SMS to DnD numbers and opt in numbers.
  • Progress of sent messages can be tracked by Real Time Delivery feature. You can also pull report for the same.
  • Multilanguage support is available for Transactional SMS.
  • Message Scheduling can be done according to user’s requirements. Transactional SMS can be scheduled 24 x7.
  • Message will be sent by a system generated Sender ID.
  • We have Banks, Schools, Financial Institutions and others who use Transactional SMS services on a daily basis.

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