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Digital SMS is the future of text communications. People have adopted to Digital Apps for News, information, entertainment, communication, Instagram, Facebook, Reddit and Discord are few of the regular used apps in current market. We have moved on from our Smartphone’s SMS Inbox to Digital Chat notifications. We open our Digital window intuitively anytime we unlock our phones. This makes Digital SMS a very lucrative and widespread medium for Digital SMS Advertising, Information Sharing etc.


Smartphone SMS Inbox is a place we don’t visit often because it is used mainly for OTP’s and Text Tickets etc. SMS is delivered to your Inbox so some SMS may lose attention of the user whereas the WHapp chats are opened in every 2 minutes so there is no chance of missing a Customer.

The same understanding applies to users of Instagram, Facebook and Discord Messengers.


Digital SMS has a delivery ratio of 100%. They will be delivered undoubtedly whenever a user opens his Mobile Data or WIFI. A normal SMS has a high delivery rate but it does not have a high opening rate.

A simple logic is that SMS Inbox is opened when there is a need for OTP but a Digital app is operated 24x7. People access whenever they need to instantly deliver a message.


Privacy is an important component of any form of communication and Digital SMS has taken special measures to protect user data. All Digital messages are protected in End to End Encryption feature. This encryption is created only between sender and receiver, Digital or any third-party app cannot see these encrypted messages. For more security Digital users can also verify keys to be 100% sure of their privacy.

Numbers in Percentage for Digital etc.

  • 75 % of battery charge is spent Digitalapps and media sharing.
  • 99% individual check for Digital notifications first thing in the morning.
  • 85% people read Digital messages in app first thing when they wake up.
  • 100% people view their Digital notifications throughout the day.
  • 100% people using smartphones have Digital communication app installed in their phones.
  • 90% of all contacts in the Phone book are on Digitalcontact.
  • 1% people choose to use Normal messages other than Digital.
  • 95% of total images and audios messages are shared through Digital today.
  • 75% population of urban cities use Digital as their prime messenger.

Rich Media Messaging

Rich media messaging is an evolved method of communicating with people where you can avail instant interaction and feedback.


A user can send JPEG and PNG format of images to desired number or group.

Audio Messaging

Audio files can be shared in AAC, M4A, MP3, AMR, OGG & OPUS formats. This feature is used to send recorded audio, digital sounds etc


Document sharing is arguably the most important feature of communication. Documents such as PDF, XLS, DOCX, PPT and others can be shared through Digital SMS Marketing.

Emojis & GIFs

GIF’s and Emojis are an additional feature one can use if needed. Emojis are mainly used in a casual conversation.


Once can share URL’s of their respective Webpages so the Receiver can directly open the hyperlink.


location co-ordinates can be shared to customers who can easily locate your store or address through maps.

Rich Text Content

A message can also be sent in Bold, Italics and Strikethrough letters. Content can be shared in Regional languages using Rich Text Content.

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  • Text – No character limit
  • Image
  • PDF
  • Video
  • Audio
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1 Lakh Digital SMS
@ 0.24 paisa
  • Text – No character limit
  • Image
  • PDF
  • Video
  • Audio
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3 Lakh Digital SMS
@ 0.23 paisa
  • Text – No character limit
  • Image
  • PDF
  • Video
  • Audio
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5 Lakh Digital SMS
@ 0.22 paisa
  • Text – No character limit
  • Image
  • PDF
  • Video
  • Audio
  • Activate International Service
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